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Unique Handmade Jewels by Ayse Tugrul

Verbena Garden Necklace and Bracelet Set Ayse Tugrul is 40 years old living in Turkiye . Graduated from the economics faculty and for some 15 years or so worked in the management teams of a small number of reputable companies. She has been designing since 2004.  She uses a variety of materials like semi-precious stones, silver, glass beads, needle pinking, etc.

Vist her web site and shops. I am sure you will find special things you are looking for.

Ethnic Turkish Style with hundred percent coton fabric and evil eyes

The Flower Collection-Blue and Crystals



  AYSE TUGRUL wrote @

Dear Arzu,

Thank you very much. I feel proud of being in your web site with my desings. You are a kind friend.

Lots of Love

  arzumusadesign wrote @

Rica ederim. Zevkti…

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