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From my flickr friend Madeleine Langlois… Happy Thanksgiving…



With all that is going on in the world with the economy these days… it is even more important then ever to count our bountiful blessings rather the dwell on the things that we do not have. What the world needs is not for people to get stuck in the spiral negative energy of fear. Do the opposite, the more we are grateful for what we do have to more we are sending out good energy into the world around us. “I Give Thanks”; as you say these words this weekend surrounded by family, friends and loved ones, feel the energy of gratefulness in the here and now and you will feel the gifts of true blessings…everyday! Count your blessings, not your money, for money comes and goes, for blessings are our true treasures. Hope is something that is to come in the future, Faith is knowing that your prayers have been heard right now! Thanksgiving is for giving thanks for our blessings….if we all did this everyday, the world would heal with such wonderful vibrating energy! Feel the genuin gratitude when you say “I Give Thanks”…and you will feel its joy instantly.
Happy Thanksgiving…enjoy!


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